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Welcome to Heartspace!

Heartspace is a community-oriented studio that offers yoga, meditation, and healing arts from a range of traditions.  Located in the Capital Region of New York, we have studios centrally located near Washington Park in Albany and on Monument Square in downtown Troy.  We provide a safe, supportive and tranquil setting with excellent instruction to help improve overall health, reduce stress, and invite a peaceful and calm mind through the practice of yoga and meditation. We offer instruction for all levels from beginners to advanced with daily drop-in yoga and meditation classes, series, prenatal yoga, workshops, special events, yoga teacher training, and several community classes per week, which are offered by donation.

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Andrew and Elizabeth Kasius,  Heartspace Owners


Welcome to Heartspace!   

Introductory Offer: When you take your first class at Heartspace, your second class is free: 2 Classes for $16.    Your second class is good for 30 days after your first class on this pass. Click here to purchase our Introductory Offer.  Please email Andrew if you have questions about classes, rates, instructors, or our studios.  We'd like to help you find a class that is right for you!   

Heartspace Gift Cards can be purchased online and printed, or can be purchased at the studios or call us and we can mail you one right away.   

Workshops and Special Classes and Events at Heartspace 

In addition to our regular scheduled weekly drop-in and community classes, we offer a number of special workshops, series and classes designed to help deepen your practice, knowledge and experience of yoga and your body and mind connection.   Please visit our workshop/series page for up-to- date listings.  Be sure to make sure which studio, day and time they're held.   See some of them listed below.

Master Classes with Lauren Toolin  Saturdays 9 - 11AM at our Albany Studio.

These workshops are designed to help you deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga.  You don't have to be a yoga instructor or an advanced practitioner, you only need to be really interested and curious about yoga and the healthy functioning of body and mind.   Senior instructor Lauren Toolin brings a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to these classes.   Workshops are offered in conjunction with Lauren's 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training group so space is limited.   Coming up: 

Cost per workshop is $30.  Preregistration is recommended. 

Partner Yoga Workshop with Diane Simpson.  Saturday February 24, 2-4:30PM.   Troy Studio.  Come with your yoga buddy, friend, mate, and move through a series of partner assists that will strengthen and open your standing poses, backbends, twists and forward bends. You may laugh, cry, and have a lot of fun!  Plus, Diane will teach a couple of healing techniques used with partners.  Cost for 2 people is $50 ( only one person has to sign up).  

Nourishing Yoga for Athletes and Other Strong Bodies:  

Knees and Quads Anatomical Focus Saturday March 3, 2-4PM. Instructor Samara Anderson.  Albany Studio

Whether you're a runner, biker, athlete or anyone who would like to reclaim movement, comfort and function in your body, please join us for this series of monthly workshops with Samara Anderson. Each session will work towards a specific therapeutic goal for the body. Warm the body with a series of flowing movements and postures, and then settle and soothe with longer-held yin yoga to lengthen and restore.  Be prepared to learn about the function and form of specific regions of your body and how to nourish and support them with movement and intention.  Cost $25.  

2018 Schedule Yoga for Athletes and Others:

  • April 14 - Hamstrings
  • May 12 - Glutes / Periformis
  • June 9 - Inner Hips / Adducters
  • July 21 - Outer Hips / Abducters
  • August 11 - Low Back / Spine
  • September 8 - Quadratus Lumborum / Glute Med
  • October 13 - Core / Obliques
  • November 10 - Shoulder Complex / Upper Back
  • December 8 - Overall Body Destress

Prenatal Yoga - Four Week Series.  Sundays, March 4 - March 25, 2018.  12PM - 1:15PM.  Instructor Rosy Mulligan, RYT and Birth Doula.   Albany Studio.    This class takes a gentle approach to supporting your connection to your breath and revitalize your energy as you prepare your mind and body for birth.   Take time to connect both with your baby and a community of expectant mothers.    $80 for the series.   

Yoga for Ample Bodies: Four Week Series.   Fridays 5-6:15PM March 9 - March 30.  Instructor Nadia el-Fawal,  Albany Studio.   Yoga is for all people, ages, and builds but it isn't a one size fits all approach. We all come together in the breath but sometimes the external form of the postures needs to be adapted so that all bodies can enjoy its benefits. Yoga for Ample Bodies recognizes this and presents a yoga practice approach that is accessible to those with larger body types. Four week series.  Cost $60.    

Family Yoga with Toni  Smith, Saturday March 10, 3:30 - 4:30PM. Troy Studio.  Family yoga begins with thoughtfully tuning in, followed by fun, mindful, playful and meditative practices that includes postures, partner poses and group poses. Class will conclude with relaxation and guided imagery. Adults awaken your inner-child with laughter and love. Bring anyone you love and have fun! This class is a community class, so donations are welcome.suggested $20/family.  Offered monthly on the second Saturday of the month.  Register here for free.  

Restorative Yoga and Massage Healing Therapy. Instructors Jeanne Korn and Diane Simpson.  Sunday March 11, 2-4PM.   Troy studio.  This wonderful seasonal offering from Diane and Jeanne combines the healing power of gentle and restorative yoga with the therapeutic touch of massage.    Join RYT/LMT's Diane Simpson and Jeanne Korn for a unique healing experience of Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditation, and nourishing touch therapy and massage to foster robust health, a calm and clear mind, and restored energy.  You'll receive lots of nurturing touch and learn lots of valuable self care tools.  No experience needed, everyone is welcomeCost $40.  More info or register.

Baby and Me Post-Natal Yoga: Four-Week Series for Mothers and Babies Six Weeks to Six Months.  March 14 - April 11. (Skipping week of April 4)   Wednesdays 11AM - 12PM.  Instructor Melissa Hurt.   Albany Studio.  This post-natal yoga class is for mothers and babies, six-weeks old up to six-months approximately, about when your baby is ready to seriously crawl and move around. Breathe, stretch, discover your core strength, make friends, have fun and connect with your baby.   $60 for the series.   

Introduction to Daoist Qigong and Yoga (Daoyin Tradition): Practice and Mysticism.   Saturday March 10, 1:30 - 3PM.  Instructor Damon Honeycutt. Troy Studio.   This workshop-style class is an introduction to the internal Daoist arts of Five Element Qigong and Dao yin (Daoist yoga).  Both arts use both static (Yin) and dynamic (Yang) postures to promote health, flexibility, strength, and longevity. The primal energies of Yin and Yang are integrated with the Wuxing (5 Elements: Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water) allowing practitioners of to fully understand the subtleties of expansive and intrinsic energy.

This workshop will give the participant

  • A deeper understanding of the Daoist arts
  • Tools to empower the students personal practice
  • An introduction Daoist history and tradition
  • How the Daoist arts relate to other yogic, martial and meditative practices
  • Explanations of Jing, Qi, and Shen and their relationship to Prana and Kundalini
  • Yin and Yang elemental postures
  • Wei Wu Wei partner exercises

Cost: Drop In Rates Apply.  $16 and $12 for students/seniors.  Class cards can be used.  Sign up. 

Yoga for Brand New Beginners: Four Week Introductory Series.   Instructor Kathi Burke.  Saturdays March 17 - April 7, 11:45AM - 1PM. Troy Studio.  If you are new to yoga, returning to it, or have some experience and want to get grounded in the fundamentals and foundations of yoga, please join us for this four-week series. We will introduce key foundational concepts regarding the practice of yoga including postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. This series will present you with background on yoga, principles of alignment for fundamental standing, seated, and balancing postures, improving spinal mobility, proper yogic breathing, and how yoga can help you to live a fuller and healthier life. No experience required; just an open mind. Price: $60 for the series.  

Gong Bath and Chakra Bowls with the Gong Lab.  Saturday April 7, 4PM   A Gong Bath is a sonic environment which uses resonant instruments like gongs and singing bowls to promote relaxation and meditation. If you have never been to a Gong Bath before they’re a unique sensory experience. You first hear the gongs vibing out, then you feel the vibration throughout your body. Pull up a mat and sit for a while and let the sound wash over you or enjoy movement during the session. $20 to preregister .      

The Dharma of Breathing.  Instructor Bridgette Shea, RYT, Lic. Accupuncturist. Saturday March 31, 2-4PM.   Join Bridgette for this in-depth look at what constitutes an optimal, healthy breath. Most of us suffer from abnormal breathing patterns that underlie the conscious breathing we usually focus on in yoga class. Second only to meditation, breathing well naturally, without trying, is the best thing we can do to preserve and cultivate good mental, emotional, and physical health.  Discover personal breathing imbalances so you can work toward transforming them into a more healthful breathing pattern. Bridgette will discuss what a natural, healthy breath is from the traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, western science, and Chinese medicine at both the subtle energy and physical body levels. Using this information and establishing a few minutes of regular breath awareness can create profound shifts in bodily comfort, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  $30 to preregister/$35 day of event.   More info or register. 

Acroyoga with Team Willco.  Saturday April 14, 1-3PM.   Troy studio.   Acroyoga is a practice of connecting with others through awareness, breath and movement. This allows us to receive support from others and empower them.   New skills are demonstrated and students are given opportunities to explore them at their own pace, with the support of the instructors and other students. Find yourself hovering above the ground, floating in a supported inversion and supporting others in flight. You can expect a yoga based warm-up, partner drills, games, and the introduction of acroyoga poses and transitions.   Whether you are hearing about acro for the first time, or have some experience already, this workshop is for you! Lift your yoga practice into the air.  Come solo or with a partner; either way we'll match you up with others as you move through base, spotting, and flying roles.  Cost $20.  Click here for more information or to preregister.  

Cathy and Scott live in Albany and teach acroyoga and slackline yoga. They have trained with, and teach in the styles of AcroYoga Montreal and the Yogaslackers.

Yin Yoga and Energy Meridian Workshop with Diane Simpson and Cat Lynch Capowski.   Saturday May 5,  2-4PM.   Troy Studio.   Join us for an exploratory workshop of Yin Yoga and energy meridians in which we replenish, revive, balance and restore on a physical and emotional level, in time with the seasonal shifts around us.   Experience deep relaxation and get to know your inner emotional landscape in this calming and grounding mind-body workshop.   This workshop will focus on the seasonal spring meridians in Chinese medicine of Liver and Gall Bladder. Yin yoga is a practice of long-held, deeply relaxing "stretching" poses that open and energize the meridians, or energy pathways of the body, restoring joint mobility as you quietly activate and gather your chi, your prana - your life force.    The Yin asanas are combined with deep, focused breathing to encourage you to tune in and listen to your body as poses are held between three to five minutes to help liberate the body's chronic holding patterns and relieve pain.  Each participant will receive bodywork/acupressure on meridians during poses.  Students will be guided in some gentle partner work.    Cost: $40.  Click here for more info or to preregister. 

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