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Teacher Training Programs: 200+ Hour Program | 300 Hour Advanced Program

The 200+ Hour Program

The Yoga Vidya 200+ hour program is an eight month, Yoga Alliance registered teacher training and in depth studies course.

It is one of the most highly regarded and longest running programs in the NYS Capital Region. Since 2007, we’ve certified more than 250 extraordinary teachers, and program graduates teach throughout the northeast.

"It was life changing! If you are looking to expand your practice, build a practice, just learn coping skills to help you, let’s say, out of the darkness and into the light, this is really the place to be; Lauren’s way of teaching and her style is unprecedented and it will be a valuable experience that will only bring you happiness and who doesn’t like that? Lauren: Thank you for the Gifts!”

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This training was developed by master teacher Saumya Lauren Toolin, E-RYT 500. Lauren has been practicing yoga for more than 35 years and teaching for more than twenty. She has mentored more than 500 yoga teachers in her own programs, as guest faculty and as director of the international ParaYoga Master Training Certification program. About Lauren

Lauren and program faculty will guide you to deepen your knowledge and practice of Yoga, immerse yourself in its philosophy, learn teaching techniques, study physical anatomy and the yogic body, explore the ethics and business of teaching Yoga and so much more.

"I recently attended a workshop led by an internationally well known yoga teacher and although the training was wonderful, I have to say that it validated for me, what a top notch Yoga Education I have been receiving from Lauren and continue to receive from her. [Lauren] not only gives you the tools to be a good Yoga teacher but she really gives you the tools to change your life."

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This is a unique program that emphasizes yoga as a holistic wellness system and not solely as a workout. There is more to Yoga than just how to move on your mat, and Yoga Vidya illuminates this magical science in a deep and accessible way!

In this training you will first and foremost become a solid practitioner of yoga, and then expand and refine your skills to share and teach.

"So grateful to be able to teach and share yoga. It's like a gift to myself everyday. Thank you for giving me such a solid personal, spiritual, business and yoga foundation from which to build and 'become.' I, literally, wouldn't be what I'm doing right now if I hadn't met you and had the privilege of studying with you."

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The Next 200-Hour series will begin in Fall of 2018.  

2018/2019 Weekend Training Dates: 

  • 2018: September 29-30, October 27-28, November 17-18, December 8-9.
  • 2019:  January 5-6,  February 16, March 9-10, 30-31, April 13-14.

2018/2019 Weekday Training Dates: 9am - 3:30pm Most Wednesdays October, 2017 - April, 2019.  Held at Heartspace Troy.

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The 300-Hour Advanced Training and Immersion

This is a life changing, multi module program open to graduates of a 200-hour training or to dedicated students upon approval. Modules maybe taken individually based upon interest, or in totality to receive Advanced Certification.

Unique in its scope and focus, this program is based philosophically in a 5000 year old Tantric lineage of which Lauren has been an initiate for 15 years. The Therapeutics modules stem from her work with the renowned Dr. Timothy McCall, with whom she taught Yoga as Medicine for several years, as well as her study with Gary Kraftsow and Kausthub Desikachar, and her Ayurveda studies though the Ayurvedic Institute.

Vast, deep and compelling, these trainings and immersions ask you to dive deeply and truly live your yoga!  

2018/2019 Trainings will be Heartspace Albany will be on Saturdays 9am-5pm and Sundays 9am-3pm:

TANTRA VIDYA: the Roots and Wings of Hatha Yoga  (October 13-14, Nov 10-11, plus 2 webinars)  Demystify Tantra and Kundalini Science and expand your world! Discover how hatha yoga is rooted in the esoteric and exotic comprehensive world of Tantra, and take your practice, and life, to the next level.

SVA SADHANA: Advanced Practice, Embodied Wisdom   (Dec 1-2, Dec 16, Jan 12-13 plus 3 webinars)  Take your personal practice to new heights and greater depth! Explore advanced pranayama and meditation, asana and Tantric hatha practices such as mudra, bandha, mantra and meditation, as well as engaging in the life changing process, The Four Desires

ADVANCED TEACHING: (Feb 9-10, March 16-17 plus 2 webinars) Refine your ability to embody and present the extraordinary.  Advanced sequencing, how to teach meditation, advanced pranayama and philosophy, and the business of yoga will all be addressed in depth.

AYURVEDA: (April 27-28 plus 1 webinar) How to 'live greatly' as a practitioner and how to counsel your students in this wellness system.  

YOGA THERAPEUTICS:   (May 18-19, June 8-9, July 20-21, Aug 16-18) This part of the program  examines the origins and modern day applications of yoga therapy. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, the energetic body, types of therapy, more advanced Ayurveda, structural and experiential anatomy, the Panchamaya Kosha model, prana’s role in health, client observation, diagnosis and prescription, and much more. We will also explore Yoga’s role in one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

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