Our Mission

Welcome to Heartspace Community Yoga and Wellness, a community yoga studio and healing space near Washington Park. Here we build on a nearly 25-year legacy of yoga at 747 Madison Ave, Albany, NY. 

Our Mission:

With a talented cadre of teachers providing quality yoga instruction and wellness practitioners skilled in a variety of healing modalities, HeartSpace Community Yoga and Wellness seeks to carve out a space in downtown Albany, where residents and visitors can seek yoga, movement, wellness, and connection. Grounded in the idea that we are better together, and that everyone deserves a place to belong no matter who they are or where they are in the journey of their life HeartSpace Community Yoga and Wellness offers a tranquil, warm resource for all. 

Our Values:

We strive for progress, not perfection – This applies to how one might physically show up in their yoga practice, or how as an organization we address the intersectionality of yoga, wellness, the diversity of our population, and social justice. We apply compassion, self-inquiry, and a dedication to learning in how we approach our practices, inform decisions and policies, and manage the studio.

Accessibility – In this space we explore how to make yoga and other healing modalities accessible financially and physically. To properly espouse yoga as a practice for all people, this means acknowledging that there are systems in place that limit people’s ability to access resources.

We offer the following to bridge the gap financially –

To address diversity of bodies and abilities, we offer the following –

  • Ramp and elevator access to our studio. There are also no stairs within the studio.
  • Access to props and routine offering of pose variations. All of our teachers are skilled at offering recommendations, and if not offered can be asked for.
  • Culture of consent – we exercise asking for positive consent when offering hands on assists or adjustments. Additionally, consent cards are available to place near your mat
  • Workshops and offerings for specific populations
  • Clear listings of physical intensity and relevant descriptors in class descriptions

Stewardship – This means to take care, and we apply it to how we consider HeartSpace to be a community space. This shows up in how we maintain our physical space, and is the understanding that everyone has a stake in keeping the studio clean and safe. In addition, stewardship extends to the idea that we hold space to nurture the community, the growth and development of our teachers and wellness professionals, and find opportunities to give back to both the immediate and larger community.