Yoga Class Prices

Yoga is for all people, and in the spirit of increasing sustainability, access, and equity for our community we are making more options available. Introducing our tiered pricing structure, new class packages and payment options, including auto-pay. 

The premise of our payment structure is based on a modified sliding-scale. Our Community Sustainer rate reflects the base rate which allows us to pay for the cost of offering classes and operations at the studio. Our Community Supporter rate is the base rate plus a pay-it-forward feature which allows those with greater means who opt-in to help support those who may find the Community Supported  rate a better fit with their circumstances.  

We encourage that the selection of the rate, class pass, or membership that best suits you is a process of self-reflection and evaluation of your individual circumstances. We also encourage you to acknowledge that your circumstances may shift with time, so re-evaluate as needed. (There are a wealth of resources about the sliding-scale and how to place yourself on a sliding-scale online if you need some help with self-inquiry.)

We all contribute to the community in different ways, and each person’s contribution is equally valued. Thank you for being part of our HeartSpace community. We are so happy you’re here!

Community Supporter-

pay-it-forward rate

Community Sustainer –

base rate

Community Supported
Monthly Unlimited 

(Autopay, 3 month commitment)

140 125 110
One Month Unlimited 

(paid per month, no autopay or commitment)

145 130 115
Drop-In Rate 

(expires 30 days after purchase)

20 18 16
5-Class Pass

(expires after 60 days of first use)

90 80 70
10-Class Pass

(expires after 120 days of first use)

170 150 135

Additional Options

Community Classes – These classes are not free, but instead offer a suggested donation range of $5-25, with an average suggested donation of $15 per person. Proceeds from these donation-based classes are used to support our community supported rate. 

Work-Study Program – there are limited opportunities for students to exchange completion of upkeep and administrative tasks around the studio for classes and discounts. To inquire or apply, please email

[email protected]

. Participation in the work-study program requires a 3-month commitment. 

Additional Considerations

Why no student discount, senior discount, etc? 

In considering how to be equitable and increase accessibility, we are mindful that simply because someone falls into a particular population they may not share certain characteristics typically ascribed to that population. We also did not want to arbitrarily exclude certain people who may not neatly fall into a category, but may still demonstrate need. Instead, we offer a tiered pricing structure so that individuals can self-reflect and choose a pricing option based on their individual circumstances.

Could you be eligible for Health Insurance Reimbursement?

Some health insurance companies/plans provide reimbursement for attendance of classes or purchase of class-passes. Check with your insurance provider for more details and to see if such a program is available to you.