Sangha and Care

When I sit down to craft these monthly communications, I like to look at what we have scheduled for the month ahead and within those offerings very often a theme emerges.  In January, we spoke a [...]

Sadhana is Practice

With the end of January swirling in the not too distant future, perhaps by now the shininess of a new year may be dulling slightly, as routines and demands on your time pile back on after the [...]

Happy New Year!

This time of year there is a lot of “new year, new me,” messaging we are all getting. Goal setting, striving, overhauling this aspect of your life or that. And perhaps that messaging resonates [...]

A Note from Nadia

As we round out the end of the year and get into the swing of the holiday season, I invite you to join me for a pause to reflect on what you are most grateful for. In my personal reflections, I [...]